Questions and answer

We answer your questions concerning
the Lumi-O International stairs

What maximum weight can the steps support?
All our steps, tested in factory, can support a maximum weight of 400 lbs.

Which model may I buy if the bottom of my swimming pool is curved
(slope starting from the bottom border to the bottom middle)?

The "Staircase Style" steps are the ones you should buy: The Aquad'O...Plus or The Royal Entrance.

What maintenance do my step need?
To prevent algea formation, put your water hose inside your pool step when adding water. This will increase water circulation. It is also recommended to take your step out of the pool ounce for cleaning with a bleaching product mixed with water. This is meant to prevent algae to embody inside your step.If possible, use a pressure jet hose. If you start having problem with your pool water do not forget to clean the water inside your step.

There is a small hole in my security fence (dimension of a thumb) located at the top end of it. Is it normal?
This hole allows the water to infiltrate and to mix with the sand, which gives the necessary water ballasting. Do not fill your fence to the top; fill it up at about 3/4.

Your LUMI-O steps adapt themselves to swimming pools of which height?
Our steps adapt themselves easily to swimming pools from 48, 52 and even 54 inches of height.

Is it normal that my LUMI-O step is kind of flexible when I step on it?
Yes. LUMI-O uses a flexible plastic resin for molding which give more strenght and durability.

What should I do with my step when it is time to close my pool?
Your step has to be removed from the water for protecting it against freezing and avoid a possible cracking. It is also recommended to put your step in storage in your shed, your garage or under the deck. Make sure not to leave your step directly on the ground. You should use two pieces of wood as a base.

Important notice: Never lift your step by its handrails, to prevent them from cracking.