# 2020 The Royal Entrance II

Proud winner of the 2017 Innovation prize from the ACPQ

Robust, Elegant and Affordable, this is what characterizes the Royale II pool step.

Because it is made in one solid strong rotomoulded plastic piece it makes it the easiest to assemble on the market.

Its front loading ballast 1 makes it easy to install and winterize. The suction cups 2 will protect the liner and immobilize the step at the bottom. It is specially designed to adapt to varying pool floor levels and the two anchored handrails makes it safe and secure.

1 Front ballast
2 Step cups
  • Made of one piece of strong solid rotomolded plastic
  • Front ballast 1 system – patented
  • Makes it easy to install and winterize
  • Step cups 2 system to protect your pool liner and immobilize step at bottom – patented
  • Great stability with it 2 anchored handrails
  • Adaptable to 48’’ to 56’’ pools and adapt to varying pool floor levels
  • Its design promotes great water circulation to prevent algae formation
  • Dimension cm : 110.5 x 91.45 x 119.38
  • Capacity: 158 Kg (350 lbs)


  • Add a light to it – Easy to install !
    • LED Solar Innovalite #9010-W
    • LED Solar Wall-Mounted Innovalite #9018-W
    • LED Battery-Operated light #9080-W
  • Ladder for pool without deck:
    • Outside ladder closer #PG-9700
    • Outside ladder #PG-6700
      (Not available in Quebec – see regulation)

# 2409866 ( Front ballast 1 )
# 2612816 ( Step cups 2 )