Now available!
Multicoloured lighting with 19
sets of pre-programmed colours.
Remote controlled.
LUMI-O's LUMI-DEL lighting is the only integrated lighting system designed for above ground pools that features a fun porthole enabling you to take pictures, complete pool lighting and outstanding installation service ensuring your peace of mind.

Lumi-O lighting system for
above ground pools “Enjoying the light…”

The above ground lighting system by Lumi-O is sold in participating retailers in Quebec. You can get 1 or 2 lights through your pool dealer. Additional lights are available through our technician at the time of installation. We suggest 1 to 4 lights depending of the size and shape of your above ground pool. Our technician will guide you in your decision.


The above ground pool lighting system includes:

  • A shatter-proof porthole made of bullet-proof glass.
  • Use the porthole during the day to watch the kids, take pictures, play etc…
  • High quality, non-conductive and non corrosive retaining ring.
  • Heavy duty prewired 120-watt light.
  • A sturdy lightweight fixture that twist-locks securely.

All parts except light bulbs are warranty 2 years.
Installation is warranty 1 year.
Lumi-LED is warranty 2 years.