The LUMI-O in-ground pool lighting system has
been available for over 25 years. Besides
being based in Quebec, LUMI-O is the
only manufacturer/installer providing
a dedicated Call Centre and an
installation team of 10 highly-qualified
technicians. When you choose LUMI-O,
you are choosing a specialized dedicated
Quebec company whose main focus is
service, service and more service!

Lumi-O lighting system for
in ground pools “See through night…”

The in ground lighting system by Lumi-O is sold in participating retailers in Quebec. The acquisition of your lighting system and the number of Lumi-O lights must be discussed with your sales associate when purchasing your pool. A minimum of 2 lights is suggested to light up the deep and shallow ends (near the steps) of your pool. When your pool choice has many angles and shapes, adding more lights becomes a great option with Lumi-O for homogeneous and optimal lighting in your pool.

The installation will be done, in part, by your pool technician and, depending on your area and dealer, one of our Lumi-O technicians will finalise the installation once the pool is full of water and the concrete sidewalk is dry. The installation includes the light installation and the electrical connection. To make an appointment, please contact our call center at 1-800-363-2396 or fill out this form. (Installation Request).

Components :

The lighting system for in ground pool include:

  • A dry niche.
  • A shatter-proof porthole made of bullet-proof glass.
  • A high quality, non-conductive and non corrosive locking ring.
  • Heavy duty prewired 90-watt light.
  • It can be used with coloured light bulbs (not included).
  • A sturdy lightweight fixture that twist-locks securely.
  • A remote control (optional).

All parts except light bulbs are warranty 3 years.
Installation is warranty 1 year.
Lumi-LED is warranty 2 years.